Thursday, February 24, 2011


On Tuesday 22nd February at 12.51 pm Christchurch, New Zealand was hit with a 6.3 Earthquake that has flattened the city and caused a tremendous loss of life. The death toll has risen over 100 with over 200 still missing.  The power is back on to most of the city but alot of people have lost their homes, posessions and loved ones.  Our heart goes out to those people affected.

The whole world has offered support with many countries already in Christchurch helping with the search, rescue and recovery.

Victim Support are a group affiliated with the New Zealand  police force and are trained in dealing everyday with helping and supporting people in need. 

We're sure they would appreciate some cards that they could write in and  take to victims of this devastating quake. 

If you would like to make and send a card we think the following may be useful.

Sympathy, Get Well Soon and Thinking of You or just plain without any greeting would be much appreciated we are sure.

Please send your homemade card (blank inside with envelope if possible) to:

Victim Support
PO Box 2109
New Zealand


  1. You can see some of the love a group of us from Lyttelton are trying to spread at

  2. Thank you for the link...the stitched hearts are beautiful and such a lovely idea.

    Slight typing error in the blog link, if you would like to visit..and it is deff worth a visit, this is the link